Premium Features

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When you subscribe to a premium plan, you unlock many great features! Let me showcase below the different features you'll unlock as a premium user.

Link Juice Meter

The link juice meter offers a precise estimation of the backlink's strength of all your domains analyzed. To get a precise estimation of the backlink's strength, we use a mix of data that includes domain authority, numbers of dofollow backlinks, and the exact number of web pages published on the website. This metric combined with the "Traffic per Page Ratio" will give you a clear indicator if the site you're looking at would be a good opportunity for links.

Traffic per Page Ratio

This metric is simple but very powerful. It divides the estimated website traffic for your country target by the number of web pages. This is super helpful to spot link farming sites or sites that are weak. You can follow the rating below.

  • 0.25 or less: WEAK
  • between 0.25  and 0.5: GOOD
  • between 0.5 and 1.0: GREAT
  • 1  or more: EXCELLENT

Organic Keyword Insights

The organic keyword insights is an option available to premium users, which shows the top 10 or top 20 (depending on your selection in the scan options) ranked keywords by traffic ratio. This is really helpful to determine in which topics the website is ranking well or to spot link-farming sites that try to inflate their traffic with spammy keywords. Here is the information provided in the organic keyword insights table:

Keyword    URL    Position    Traffic %    Volume    CPC    Competition    Results    Trends

Bulk Check

Heavy users will appreciate this feature! You can import up to 10k domains at once. Simply save your domains in a .txt file and import it into Authority Hawk. Start the process, and come back later to download the report in an Excel file. Once downloaded, import it easily in Google Sheets and use filters to find out the greatest sites among your list.


Get access to your historical data up to 12 months backward. We record every scan, every website, and even your bulk scan export files.

Red Flags

The red flags detector is a powerful feature that uses footprints commonly used by link farms and will alert you when you should be cautious. Among these red flags, you will find the following detection patterns:

  1. High Traffic by Top-Ranked Keywords: Alert you when sites get over 30% of their traffic from top-ranked keywords. These sites could artificially boost their traffic.

  2. Traffic-Page Disparity: We caution you about sites with a low traffic-to-page ratio, which might be indicative of link farms or low authority sites.

  3. Open Guest Post Invitation: Websites featuring a 'Write for Us' page typically accept guest submissions. We will advise you to investigate further, particularly for any fee disclosures. It's important you understand that the sites that openly advertise paid guest posts can contravene Google's TOS, posing a risk of manual penalties.

  4. Comment Links Spam: An unusually high number of UGC links, more than 100 for small to medium-sized websites, can suggest spammy activities. We will then recommend you proceed with a manual backlink profile investigation.

  5. Weak Backlinks Profile: Our tool alerts you when a site's referring domains are disproportionately high relative to its traffic, hinting at possible low-quality or spammy backlinks.

    More coming soon...

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